BgP has contacts with several producers worldwide. Because of this we are able to find the correct producer for each component or set of components. Basis for this is price, technique, logistics, quality and quantity. BgP remains your partner in all situations.

We take care of the whole route from tender to offer and from order to delivery, DDP or DDU your address. 

In case of calamities, BgP will and is responsible, as your producer, solve the problem and not a producer somewhere in the world.  BgP takes care of possible repairing or new deliveries.  For urgent deliveries we work with some local producers in the Netherlands. It is up to BgP, and not you as our customer, to settle this problem with the producer. 

In Denekamp we have our own storage facility. Therefore we are able to adapt our supplies to your own logistic concept. F.e. weekly deliveries or deliveries in a special packing. 

Small orders
Frequent transports between the Netherlands and several middle European countries ensure that also small orders can be provided competitive to you.

Most of our producers has been certified according to ISO 9002 or 9001. Also a number of producers are active in the automotive industry. Some producers work with statistic work preparation techniques such as FMEA (Failure vogue and impact analyses) and statistic production techniques such as SPC (Statistic Process Control). This particularly in the field of the orders with high quantities. 

Delivery times
Regularly as from 2 weeks up to 12 weeks, depending the region of the producer. Urgent deliveries within 24 - 48 hours. 

We state that we only use your information’s and drawings for the purpose of our cooperation. 

Purchase regions

Improve your purchasing, BgP takes care