•  Because of the contacts with several producers, we are able to provide a large scale of components. Order quantities of 1 up to 100,000 up to… pieces. Low order quantities can be economically delivered by combining the transport with remaining orders. 
• Operations can be done on manual and/or CNC machines.

• All kinds lathes, from manual up to multi spindle machines.  
• Dimensions from ø0,6 mm up to ø3.200 x 16.000 mm.

• All kinds of milling machines, up to complete machining centre.
• Dimensions up to 8.000 x 4.000 x 2.000 mm.

Cogs and collar wheels
In several dimensions and quantities.
Also on customer specification.

Sheet metal
• Shearing, bending and nibbling.
• Pressing, cutting.

Tube bending
• Up to app. 70mm.  F.e. tubes for fitting work, also assembled.

Welding and constructions
Various small and big constructions, from separate parts up to complete units and installations.
• Welding processes: M.I.G., T.I.G., CO2, spot weld, semi- and full automatically by manipulators or robots.
• Weldings by certified welders and quality control of the welds by means of f.e. penetrate, magna-flux or US.
• Non-ferro
• Iron, grey iron, (GG) en nodular (GGG).
• Lost wax.
• Steel (f.e. stainless steel and abrasive).

• Various ways of production and materials.
• Parts with a weight of 0,05 kg. up to several tons per piece.

The local markets are preferred. If needed or wanted, BgP buys the material in west europe and delivers the material to our producers or it is supplied to us by our customer.

Surface treatments
All kinds of treatments can be offered to you. If needed, we can also do this at your own regional supplier under supervision of BgP.

Improve your purchasing, BgP takes care