BgP has a lot of opportunities of welding and construction work. BgP works with several producers so we can offer you a wide scale of products and functions.

Scope products according to your specifications
• Steel pallets with a weight from app. 10 kg. up to  300 kg.
• Steel structures for f.e. machinery, logistics and construction.
• Machine fundaments based on various profiles, f.e. UNP, IPE, HE-B, closed profiles and sheet metal  Weight from 100 kg up to 5.000 kg).
• Subassemblies for various installations.
• Conveyors and parts for presses for the meat and paper industry (materials aisi 304 and 316L.
• Complete installations (steelwork) for f.e. support constructions, tanks and cyclones.
• Small containers, f.e. handling on forklift trucks.
• Various small parts.

Great constructions can be erected on site. BgP organizes all necessary activities.

All common materials can be handled, f.e.
• Carbon steel (S235, S355 and higher alloys (abrasive, f.e. Hardox))
• Stainless steel (aisi  304 and 316L)

Surface treatments
We can offer all common treatments. It is also possible to deliver the parts to a adres at your choice.

Can be done manual, semi automatic and automatic.

Quality control
On your request, all welds can be checked according to EN1290 en EN1291. Methods:
• Penetrate
• Magna-flux
• Ultra sonic

Certificated weldings
This is done by certificated welders. Material groups according to EN287 and procedures according EN 288.

Improve your purchasing, BgP takes care

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