Alloys    : GGG40, GGG40.3, GGG50, GGG60, GGG70 en GGG80.
Weight   : Hand forming, 1 kg. - 35.000 kg.
     : Automatic,, 0,15 kg. tot 150 kg.
Norm acc. to  : DIN 1693, BS 2789, ASTM A536, ASTM A 395, NF A 32.201.

Steel castings
Alloys    : Various alloys with f.i. Mn, Si, Cr, Mo en V.
: Chrome alloys, equal to manganese alloys.
Remarks : Partial or fully hardened.
Weight   : Up to 5.000 kg.
Norm acc. to  : ASTM A148, AFNOR A32-054, SEW 510.

Gelegeerde stalen
Alloys : Stainless steel, Werkstoff 1.4006, 1.4112, 1.4301, 1.4306, 1.4401 en 1.4404.
: Monell, Heat resistance (HRCS), chrome-nickel, and other high alloy castings.
Weight   : General, 0,1 – 30.000 kg.
     : Chrome alloys up to 4.500 kg.
Norm acc. to  : DIN 17465, 17445 en 17006.

Non ferro‘s
Alloys    : AlSi, AlSiMg, AlSiCu, AlCuTi
Weight   : Hand forming , 500 kg.
     : Automatic,, 0,05 kg. tot 2 kg.
Norm acc. to DIN 1725, BS 1490.

Alloys : AlSi, AlSiMg, AlSiCu, AlCuTi
Weight   : Automatic, tot 2 kg.

Alloys : Cu, CuAg, CuCr, CuCo, CuNi, CuNi(Ni≥50%, Monell), CuAl, CuZn and abrasive alloys.   
     : ASTM B.148, all alloys.
     : ASTM B.584, all alloys.
Weight   : tot 6.500 kg.  
Norm acc. to ISO 1338, DIN 1714, NF-A.53.709, BS 1400 und ASTM.

Alloys              : Zinc bronze, CuSn and CuSnPb. 
                        : Red bronze, CuSnPbZn and CuSnZn.
                        : Tin bronze, CuSn10Pb10.
Weight, tot 6.500 kg.

Gravity die casing
Tubes with diameters : Inner min. 50 mm.
       : Outer, max. 300 mm.

Lost wax
Alloys    : Aluminium, copper, brass.    
Weight    : 0,05 – 45 kg.   
Norm acc. to  : ASTM, BS, DIN.

Patterns will be delivered by you or specially produced for you. The supplier can manufacture the models themselves or in cooperation.
The patterns are maintained by the supplier and stored in a justified manner.

Can be done by hardworking and on special machines such as Disa Forma 3030, Disa Matic Formanlagen 2011, 2013, 2130.

Quality control
Control of the process and parts takes place by emission spectrometers, metallographic analyses and tensile strength control.

The producers are qualified by various known organisations such as Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd‘s Register, Det Norske Veritas, TÜV Rheinland, TÜV Südwest, Naval Engineering Standards NES.

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